Feature Overview

tl;dr: YaTQA supports all ServerQuery features. No exceptions.

Because that’s quite a lot, the following list only lists stuff that you cannot do with the normal TS3 client (which in return allows you to speak, which YaTQA doesn’t).

For more details and screenshots, see the Manual.

General Features

There is no need to be admin of any server to use these.

Common Server-Related Features

These features don’t belong in any other category.

Instance Features

You usually need access to the query account called “serveradmin”. YaTQA of course comes with a bookmark manager you can fill with your instance credentials.

Virtual Server Features

These usually work without access to the “serveradmin” account; a Server Admin account created in the TS client should be enough. However, that’s not officially supported and there’s no guarantee that all features will work on your server.

Overview of Features That Require a Key

The following features require a key:

* = If any of these bonusses are your reason to donate, please contact me to make sure that your expectations can be met. Query interface has its limits and I don’t want to disappoint you.