Frequently Asked Questions


Non-YaTQA issues

These have nothing to do with YaTQA at all but are by far the most frequent questions being asked!

YaTQA-related questions

Technical questions about YaTQA and project-related questions

Non-YaTQA issues

How do I get my query credentials?

If you are hosting the server yourself: Credentials are displayed when starting the server with no database (e.g. for the first time). If you didn’t write them down, you can find several ways of resetting your credentials here.

If you rented the server: Use the “Server Query Login” feature in your TS3 client. This feature is usually available to all Server Admins, but can be disabled. This results in a limited account (especially instance features will not work) and is not officially supported by YaTQA.

I get disconnected and can’t connect for some time because I'm banned (error 3329)!

The program sends a query when you switch to most tabs to fill it with information. This might be too much, depending on your configuration. Please change “Commands to flood“ to around 20. You’ll find it right after connecting. Newer versions will prompt you to change this if you have the permissions for instanceinfo. If you don't and the admin of the server doesn't use YaTQA, too, you might get banned sometimes. Please wait a little between switching tabs. I'm generally afraid TeamSpeak doesn't make a difference on who is using query. Admins and guests have the same Commands to Flood. If you too think that’s annoying, please back this suggestion.

Note for transferring many files: If you have a lot of files to transfer (>20), increase the Commands to Flood to a generous amount for that time. You might want to reset it afterwards.

If you are not hosting the server yourself: Go to the settings and set the delay to like 340 or 350. This will prevent you from getting banned from servers with the default anti-flood settings.

Why does it say “Connection refused” (Socket Error #10061) all the time?

There might be a reason why the input box says “Query Port” rather than “Voice Port”. Please find out why yourself.

If you rented your server somewhere, contact their support or read their forums to get to know the query port for your server.

Why does it say “version lookup failed” or missing permissions?

YaTQA is made to be Admin Server Query, the group of the default “serveradmin” account. If you broke your permissions, removed yourself from important groups, got your server hijacked or simply run YaTQA with any other account, you will be shown error messages like these.

Logging in as a user with limited permissions (e.g. a virtual server’s Server Admin) is not officially supported and breaking your permissions is not advised.

If you get a permission error instantly after logging in, b_serverquery_login permission must be granted to Guest Server Query in order to log in. This is usually the case and can be hard to fix.

If you are encountering errors like these as “serveradmin” user, you will most likely have to start from scratch again.

Don’t ask me anything about this, as it has nothing to do with YaTQA. Make a new thread on the forums.

I can't create new servers!

Please make sure you obtained and installed a non-profit or some other kind of license.

Why can’t I set certain permissions even if I have b_permission_modify_power_ignore?

You cannot increase the following permissions beyond what your own value is right now:

PermissionCan be increased up to
i_channel_modify_powercannot be increased
i_channel_permission_modify_powercannot be increased
i_group_modify_powercannot be increased
i_group_auto_update_max_valuecannot be increased

As this is getting on my nerves, too, I’m providing this workaround. It is unsupported. Don’t ask anyone about it and use it at your own risk. It requires you to be in a group with i_group_auto_update_max_value set to a non-zero value.

Copy your Admin Server Query group a new non-query non-template server group with a certain i_group_auto_update_type (for security reasons, the value must not be divisible by 5). Add your normal voice account to that group and assign the needed permissions via the Automatic Groups feature in YaTQA. Now use your voice client to assign these permissions to the Admin Server Query group.

Why do I get “Invalid ClientID”?

This is a very rare and random TeamSpeak 3 server bug (unless you are using the paid version’s Ghost Mode which temporarily causes it). It is described in this thread.

The solution in that thread is for MySQL. For SQLite, these commands should do the job:

To view:
SELECT * FROM group_server_to_client WHERE id1 NOT IN (SELECT client_id FROM clients);

To fix:
DELETE FROM group_server_to_client WHERE id1 NOT IN (SELECT client_id FROM clients);

To execute these commands, stop the server, download the database, open it with SQLiteBrowser, execute the commands (last tab), save the database, upload it and start the server. Uploading and downloading of course isn’t required if the server is running on a computer that can run SQLiteBrowser itself. There is other SQLite software, but I like that one.

I can no longer connect to my server. What can I do?

Restart the TeamSpeak 3 instance. This seems to be a frequent bug (in newer server versions?) which randomly appears after some weeks of uptime.

If you want to make sure that it is really that bug to prevent an unnecessary restart, connect to the server via telnet. If you are shown the welcome text, but do not get any other response, you have this bug and must restart your instance.

This was fixed in 3.0.11.

I can’t restore some of my snapshots!

There seem to be a lot of problems related to snapshots (the fact that TeamSpeak deletes the server that is meant to be restored to a backup in this case adds to the problem). I had many support inquiries in June, July and September 2015. Although I was able to fix one of the submitted damaged snapshots (invalid group ID, caused by removal of the feature to add serveradmin to local server groups and rumored to be fixed in 3.0.12) all other snapshots were unrecoverable. Feel free to send me your snapshots, but don’t expect too much.

As the section of this issue implies, this is a TeamSpeak bug.

YaTQA-related questions

Will I lose my settings when I update?

Of course not. All versions between 1.0.0-final and the most recent version are fully compatible. In both directions.

There is one exception: If you first downgrade from 3.0-gamma or newer to any version older than that (3.0-rc2 and older), upgrading to 3.0-gamma or newer again can cause issues if you have bookmarks with voice ports set and have moved or deleted bookmarks while running the old version.

There is no PayPal in my country!

If you want to donate, I heard of Turkish users using some service named Entropay. I don’t know how that works.

I also offer free keys.

I did not get my key!

Keys are usually sent within 48 hours. If you did not get your key, this can have the following reasons:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you did not receive your key within 48 hours.

Where can I find the Pro features?

After registering YaTQA (About YaTQA... > Register... > second tab), you can find your Pro features here:

I need a free key to create a file backup or move my instance.

No you don’t. (This is also the answer to “I need a 64-bit version of YaTQA.” and “I want to migrate to MariaDB.”)

tar is better (because it includes avatars) and is way faster.

For everyone who’s too lazy: tar cfz the-better-file-backup.tar.gz ts3server.sqlitedb files

Is there a list of the “Did you know?” tricks?

Can I use startup parameters?

I lost my key. How can I get it back?

If you donated for that key, please send me a message and you will get your key back. Please include either your name or PayPal email address. I will send the key to the address associated with your key. If that didn’t happen within 15 hours, let me know.

If you did not donate for the key, you must reapply for a key.

Are there known limitations?

How do I use IPv6?

If you want to use IPv6, use square brackets [] around the server address.

YaTQA v1.4/2.0-pre and up support IPv6 for query, but not for file transfers and only by direct input without DNS. These limitations were dropped in v3.6-pre2 when TeamSpeak added IPv6 support to their server by 3.0.13.

IPv4 tunnels (e.g. [::ffff:7f00:1]) are not supported.

My computer cannot write yatqa.ini!

Delete it. And the next time you install YaTQA, don’t choose portable mode.

Technical questions about YaTQA and project-related questions

What are the system requirements?

YaTQA minimum system requirements:

Features unavailable to users of Windows XP: Ghost Mode (paid feature), advanced DNS lookup settings, DNS lookup group folding, folding server groups in the user DB’s server group mode, finding all chats with a certain user (Microsoft says it should work, but it doesn’t, so I might do further investigation why)

Features unavailable to users of Windows Vista and XP: Jump lists

Server system requirements for the SSH tunnel (paid feature):

If not using the SSH tunnel, using the tcp_nodelay option is recommended on remote servers (server version 3.0.13 and up required).

Does YaTQA work with Wine?

It does, but it has memory leaks, because Wine does not support removing link labels from memory.

If you have problems with nearly all text being clipped off, download Tahoma (use Google to find a download). I do not know if it works with the remake included in Wine 0.9.47 and up and if not, why it doesn’t work.

Features unavailable to users of Wine: Features unavailable to users of Windows XP (see above), grouping array properties in custom command results and notify events, DNS lookup grouping, the user DB’s server group mode, client config folder interaction unless you added a symlink in %APPDATA%\TS3Client, automatically installing Plink (the SSH tunnel feature itself however does work if you install Plink yourself)

Will you be making a mobile app in the future?

No. I don’t see any use for this at all. If you ask me, developers can only make a good program if they have a use for it as well.

Is YaTQA really free? Is there a time limit?

YaTQA is really free and free forever. No adware, spyware, whatsoever. Also, the registration is for lifetime.

However, each version has a time limit after which you must download a free update. This time limit ends on February and August each year. It applies to both, free and Pro version. If the time limit ran out, just grab the latest version for free and you’re fine for another 6 months. This has two reasons:

If you’re afraid of updates or just like the risk of using outdated software, here’s the last version without a time limit:
Download last version without time limit (v3.0-rc2, 03 Aug 2014, 1.2 MiB)

I’m not making v1.3.3.8 (02 Jun 2013), the last pure freeware version, available here. Only ATHPs have any disadvantages from newer versions, but I offer free keys for those.

How do I uninstall YaTQA?

YaTQA does not modify your system, so it is enough to delete its installation directory and %APPDATA%\YaTQA as well as shortcuts if you chose to create some.

Can I run YaTQA directly on my Windows Server?

Multiple people have reported that YaTQA does not run on Windows Server 2008 (both, normal and R2) operating systems, at least it’s unable to connect to localhost. I have no idea why this happens. More recently however, there have been reports of people who were actually able to run YaTQA on Windows Server 2012.

What file format does YaTQA (version 1.4 or newer) use for caching icons?

16-bit RES. If you want, you can open the file with Visual Studio. Don’t save it, as it will convert the file to 32-bit RES, breaking its use in YaTQA.

What programming language is YaTQA written in?

Delphi 2009.

How many people made this tool?

Just me, Janni “Яedeemer” K., which gives thes project a very low truck number.

The DNS resolver rework in 2.0-pre2 has been developed with help from Rustik-Team and Barungar.

Why that name?

When I started the development on YaTQA on April 10th 2011, there were already plenty of query apps around. None of them worked for me. So this was yet another TeamSpeak³ Query App, even though it had many more features than the others when its first alpha was released two and a half months later.

How does one pronounce YaTQA?

It's pronounced [jatka] in IPA notation. This notation is also suitable for German speakers.

My antivirus does not like YaTQA. Why?

YaTQA is made with Delphi. It is a popular programming language because the applications made with it run on every Windows computer without any requirements. To achieve this, all Delphi applications include some common code. Creators of bad malware detection software might have taken way too common parts of the code to identify some viruses made in Delphi.

Can I download development snapshots?

Yes, you can download development snapshots from the changelog. I can't take any responsibility for that, just like I can't for any other version. Since the translation is created when a new version is ready, you cannot download an English development version. I sometimes make English snapshots if a feature is requested by registered users of the English version.

Development versions are slightly bigger than normal releases because they contain some data that doesn’t make sense of stand-alone applications and is therefore removed before an official release (see here for technical details).

How can I support you?

You can make suggestions, spread the word, translate the tool (see below), send me a nice postcard (see my domain’s whois) or donate money (see About dialog).

Who hosts your servers?


This is a list of my current and past hosts. The last one was a root server. All others are virtual servers.

HostStartEndReason for EndLocation
Droptop GmbH/LinevastTBAFirst-Colo, Frankfurt Oct 2016TBAno support exists it seemsFirst-Colo, Frankfurt
NbIserv17 Aug 2016Nov/Dec 2017Bad IPv6 routingNbIserv, Gera
KMS-Hosting.com29 May 201528 Jun 2015Only rented as backup during power supply failureKMS-Hosting/combahton, Frankfurt
Webhod.de01 Feb 201502 Nov 2016Location change (Paris)First-Colo, Frankfurt
noez.de20 Jan 201531 Jan 2015see belowmeerfarbig/Datafabrik, Frankfurt
Webhod.de01 Jun 201231 Jan 2015Plan changeFirst-Colo, Frankfurt
netcup.de25 Feb 201024 Aug 2012Bad nodefirst: unknown
later:, Nuremberg
x2server4u.de2009 I thinkMar 2010Stopped serviceLink11, Frankfurt

The contract with needs some explanation: shut down my server without notice. Therefore, I don’t even know why, though I suspect a DDoS provoked by some Frenchmen on my TS server by flaming some Spanish. Despite claiming 24/7 telephone support, it was nothing but a wait loop that eventually kicked you out in all my numerous calls. I asked them for the 14-day refund policy enforced by German law, but they didn’t want to and promised to send me some letter from their lawyer for dealing with the issue. They weren’t even able to manage that, as I still haven’t received that letter 1.5 years later. Looks like they’re unable to do anything but spamming me with emails asking me to rate them on different websites. Maybe I should do that to spread this funny story.


This is the webspace for the YaTQA download and my personal website. The website is hosted on a VPS.

HostStartEndReason for EndLocation
StratoJul 2005R-Zone, Berlin


These are the nameservers of plans that I use for testing.

HostStartEndReason for EndLocation
Namecheap20 Oct 2016multiple
EUserv28 Aug 2009
28 Aug 2009
21 Feb 2008
08 Jan 2008
ISPpro/EUserv, Jena
Strato14 Jul 2005R-Zone, Berlin

EUserv is one of the rare providers that support “decidedly unavailable” SRV records.

I cybersquatted [much longer domain name here]. Do you want to buy it?

No, only domain names that are shorter than my current one.

Is there a version in language X?

This is asked very frequently nowadays, so I worked on it again. My development software uses XLIFF for translation and the original language of YaTQA is German. I tried to deal with that and using OmegaT seemed viable for me, as it will work directly with XLIFF and displays the English translation for whatever reason.

This is how you set it up (I’m using it in German, so the actual buttons/menu items of OmegaT might be different):

Each time you translate something, do the following:


Most importantly: Keep the quotation marks and apostrophs that surround any text.

General Placeholders:

%sString placeholder
%dDecimal number placeholder
&Shortcut key (usually underlined)
&&Actual ampersand

Placeholders in stuff encased by apostrophes:

|Vertical lineThis is used in translations for the hint text that is displayed when hovering an element. The text before the vertical line is displayed next to the mouse points and the text behind is displayed in the status bar. You therefore cannot use vertical lines in actual hint texts. Hint texts next to the mouse pointer are only displayed if the feature has been enabled on design time.
''Two single quotesUse this wherever your text would have a single quote.

Stuff encased by quotation marks:

\r\nNew lineThis results in a line-break.
""Two quotation marksUse this wherever your text would have a quotation mark.
\"Backslash and quotation markAlternative to the above.
\x00Unicode codepointAlthough this notation might exist in original strings, there is no need to use this. Just type Unicode characters normally.

Strings with HTML:

The clickable labels use HTML with a link syntax. You must leave them as-is and only translate the enclosed text. Anyway, for those interested, here’s the syntax:

<a href="{DataType}__{Property}__{Update Command}">{TEXT}</a>:

You must only edit the {TEXT} thing, translating anything else will break the program.