YaTQA Changelog

Starting in early 2015, YaTQA development consists of major releases released in January/February and July/August each year. The reason for this schedule is explained here.

This changelog lists changes to the most recent major release (released in February and August each year) and its smaller releases, as well as coming updates. For the latter, this text is sometimes not being updated for some weeks, especially while development happens primarily on my laptop. Additionally, it is possible for some changes to not be in the development snapshot from the FAQ yet.

Older changelogs can be found in the archive and there’s also a log with only the changes in the engine.

Summer Release 2018

3.9.1-beta (15 Mar 2018, unofficial release, snapshots only)

3.9.2-beta (08 May 2018, “Back in Kirchlinteln” edition, unofficial release)

This version is designed for 3.2 servers. Therefore, this version will complain that your server is outdated if running any earlier version, even though 3.2.0 is currently in beta.

3.9.2 (19 May 2018)

Probably to be released when TeamSpeak 3.2-final is being released.

3.9.2b (02 Jun 2018)

3.9.2c (07 Jun 2018)

3.9.2d (08 Jun 2018, RTM 22 Jun 2018)

3.9.3-alpha (28 Jun 2018, unofficial release)

For use with 3.3+ servers only, in particular the one that was released today.

I do not yet recommend using TeamSpeak 3.3+ because of many bugs and stability issues. I also do not recommend using the 3.2.0 client because it does not connect to 3.0.x servers.

3.9.3-beta (19 Jul 2018, unofficial release)

This was not tested on 3.3.0-beta1, so you may want to use 3.3.0-beta2. YaTQA will complain if you do not use beta2.

Note: There are no notifications in the official SSH feature.

3.9.3 (25 Jul 2018, RTM 01 Aug 2018)

This is the final Summer Release 2018 with an increased time limit. If TeamSpeak releases a new version before September 1st, YaTQA 3.9.4 will be part of the Summer Release 2018, otherwise the Winter Release 2018/19.

3.9.3b (08 Aug 2018) (20 Aug 2018)

no own version (20 Aug 2018)

no own version (20 Aug 2018) (30 Aug 2018)

This version is for 3.3.1-final or newer only!

3.9.4-beta (05 Sep 2018)

This version is for 3.4.0-beta or newer.

3.9.4 (10 Sep 2018)

This version is for 3.4.0-beta or newer.

no own version (11 Sep 2018)

Winter Release 2018/2019

3.9.5-alpha (11 Oct 2018)

3.9.5-beta (22 Oct 2018)

3.9.5 (29 Oct 2018) (29 Nov 2018, “TeaSpeak Anniversary Edition Preview”)

Your query group must have the permission to run instanceinfo in order to use TeaSpeak mode.

This version requires 1.2.30-beta1 (28 Nov 2018) – not 1.2.30-beta0 (26 Nov 2018)! – to work.

3.9.6-alpha (15 Jan 2019)

3.9.6-rc1 (30 Jan 2019)

3.9.6-final is to be released in March as I’m waiting for Markus to implement playlists into TeaSpeak. I was given a greater ETA so I eventually released the final version before that. Markus is in his final school exams (Abitur) now and therefore won’t release many updates in the near future. As a result of this, TeaSpeak playlists will be implemented at a later point. If you want to complain about music bot features not working in current TeaSpeak releases, complain to Markus for query interface u-turns every few weeks, which are very demotivating to developers like me.

3.9.6 (12 Feb 2019, “Down Under Edition”)

3.9.7 (27 Mar 2019)

Because I was on holiday when the first beta was released and because the changes were minimal, I did not really bother to release a new version for 3.7.0 as quickly as I normally do.

no own version (28 Mar 2019)

no own version (28 Mar 2019)

Summer Release 2019

3.9.8 (02 Jun 2019) (14 Jun 2019) (08 Jul 2019) [DEPRECATED]

There will not be a YaTQA version that will use the new server group management features of 3.9.0 now because they do not give you a significant advantage. /Edit: This has been added on 22 Aug 2019.

This YaTQA version is deprecated for several bugs. (16 Jul 2019) [DEPRECATED]

Badge update only.

This YaTQA version is deprecated for several bugs. (18 Aug 2019)

Last version to support the 3.8.0 series (starting with exp1). (22 Aug 2019)

Last version to support the 3.9.0 series (including all betas and exp versions). I do not recomment using from (including) 3.0-gamma5 to before (excluding) this version with 3.10.0 servers.

Thanks to everyone who supported YaTQA’s development in the past years. <3

Winter Release 2019/2020 (04 Sep 2019)

Because I disapprove the dropped support for pre-3.3.0 clients, this is one of the few YaTQA versions to support previous versions. All YaTQA versions released in 2019 and most likely a few more will support 3.9.0 series.

The YaTQA series might be renamed into the 3.9.9 series.

Update from 15 Sep 2019: Support for Facebook Zstd (called “version 2 snapshot” by TeamSpeak, though the Zstd-encoded data wasn’t changed) might be added at some point. Until then, snapshots created by 3.10.0+ versions can be deployed verbatim only. Please create pseudo snapshots if you want to manipulate snapshots you create with 3.10.0+ servers. Starting with this version, pseudo snapshot manipulations are supported. That means the only downside of pseudo snapshots is when you want to manipulate a server but want to keep its identity. You can also use a Base64 decoder and then Facebook Zstd decompressor to convert 3.10.0+ snapshots into normal snapshots.

Overview of possible situations/constallations to keep in mind when deploying snapshots after the release of the 3.10.0 series

In a full pre-3.10.0 environment (servers and snapshots), all snapshot could be deployed and all YaTQA snapshot manipulation features were available. Starting with 3.10.0, this gets extremely complicated: (10 Nov 2019)

Still supports 3.9.x (at least beta1, which is 1560506144), even though it will suggest that you update your server. You can ignore that if you want, YaTQA will work normally. (01 Dec 2019)

YaTQA will continue to support 3.9.0 at least until the free license ends on January 31st (which is also the end date of the 3.7 and 3.8 series, but you cannot use YaTQA on those servers). (24 Fen[sic!] 2020) (01 Mar 2020)

This release includes a lot of TeaSpeak compatibility fixes. It requires TeaSpeak 1.4.10-beta and supports TeamSpeak v3.10.0. At the time of the YaTQA release, that TeaSpeak version has not yet been released, but the TeaSpeak version YaTQA supported prior to this release is way too old anyway. (14 Nov 2020) (26 Feb 2021)

3.9.9 (27 Feb 2022)

3.9.9b (01 Mar 2023)

maybe at some point (TBA)

Original Roadmap

There are plans from TeaSpeak to include SSL/TLS. Adding support for that requires me to purchase quite an expensive Delphi extension (upper three digits in euros) will make YaTQA around 80% bigger. I’m not sure if I want to do that solely for TeaSpeak.

4.0 is set to change the design to a line-based design. I’m currently working on the design and evaluate the need for purchasing some of the required icons. Icon dimensions will increase by 20% (32 to 38 pixels). The default width will increase by 48 pixels. The font will change to Segoe UI (which is wider than Tahoma and therefore couldn’t be used before).

5.0 will change YaTQA to support high-DPI displays.

You can download development snapshots in German and sometimes English.

The German snapshot (without the suffix) is updated more frequently than the English one, because the original language of YaTQA is German and the translation is only created periodically. The date given on the linked website is the date the file was either compiled or updated (depending on the software I used for uploading it) in German time. Snapshots can sometimes be older than the current stable release. The last upload of each snapshot is also listed in the changelog.

Sometimes, snapshots are a bit bigger than the release versions because they contain some stuff that is useless for stand-alone applications and therefore removed before release (see here for technical details). I also remove the ugly default images as YaTQA uses its own ones, which are prettier.