YaTQA Changelog

Starting in early 2015, YaTQA development consists of major releases released in January/February and July/August each year. The reason for this schedule is explained here.

This changelog lists changes to the most recent major release (released in February and August each year) and its smaller releases, as well as coming updates. For the latter, this text is sometimes not being updated for some weeks, especially while development happens primarily on my laptop. Additionally, it is possible for some changes to not be in the development snapshot from the FAQ yet.

Older changelogs can be found in the archive and there’s also a log with only the changes in the engine.

Winter Release 2017 (Part I)

3.7-rc1 (19 Oct 2016, unofficial release)

3.7-rc2 (18 Dec 2016, unofficial release)

3.7-rc2b (31 Dec 2016, official release)

Despite being a release candidate, this is an official update. The time limit in 3.5 did not properly run out on August 31th, 2016, so these people must download a new version by January 1st, 2017. I want those people to upgrade to the 3.7 series because of the new IPv6-enabled DNS resolver and all the bug fixes that are included. I want to do some more DNS improvements for 3.7-final, though.

Upcoming Release: Winter Release 2017 (Part II)

3.7 (originally scheduled for 01 Jan 2017)

You can download development snapshots in German and English. Beside occasional snapshot releases, these files are also updated when I sync my progress between my desktop computer and my two laptops, so features might not be finished.

The German snapshot (without the suffix) is updated a lot more frequently than the English one, because the original language of YaTQA is German and the translation is only created periodically. The date given on the linked website is the date the file was uploaded to that server in your local timezone.

Snapshots are a bit bigger than the release versions because they contain some stuff that is useless for stand-alone applications and therefore removed before release (see here for technical details).

Future Release: Summer Release 2017

The 3.8 series is planned to include an option to switch to Windows-10-style graphics. I’m planning to draw them myself rather than purchasing them. I like drawing, so that might be nice. I will do it slowly when I feel like drawing. I also want to evaluate the new Serif Affinity for Windows beta. In 2002, at the age of 12, I bought most of the software I’m still using today (IconWorkshop, Paint Shop Pro 8). Maybe it’s time for a change.