YaTQA Changelog

Starting in early 2015, YaTQA development consists of major releases released in January/February and July/August each year. The reason for this schedule is explained here.

This changelog lists changes to the most recent major release (released in February and August each year) and its smaller releases, as well as coming updates. For the latter, this text is sometimes not being updated for some weeks, especially while development happens primarily on my laptop. Additionally, it is possible for some changes to not be in the development snapshot from the FAQ yet.

Older changelogs can be found in the archive and there’s also a log with only the changes in the engine.

Summer Release 2017

3.7.3-beta (17 Jun 2017)

3.7.4-beta (10 Aug 2017)

Skipped 3.7.3-final because of beta client release today.

3.7.4-beta2 (11 Aug 2017)

Thanks to a fellow user, I could update the Blacklist2 API tunnel to support greylisting. This is a serverside change and needs no update. Please report running servers blacklisted on Blacklist2.

3.8-pre (14 Aug 2017)

3.8 (21 Aug 2017)

Autumn/Winter Release 2017/18

3.9-beta (23 Aug 2017)

3.9-beta2 (26 Aug 2017, unreleased)

This update likely broke SVG support in the Windows XP image selection windows. (Image format support is determined by the operating system on newer versions of Windows.)

3.9-beta2b (01 Sep 2017)

3.9-beta3 (10 Sep 2017)

If the beta2 series broke SVG support on Windows XP, this update fixed it.

3.9-beta3b (unreleased, 23 Sep 2017)

3.9-beta3c (30 Sep 2017)

3.9-beta4 (should have been released on 14 Oct 2017)

3.9-beta5 (17 Oct 2017)

YaTQA 3.9-rc will be released within a few hours/days after the release of the TeamSpeak server 3.1 beta. 3.9 final will come with the final server and will likely be the final Winter Release 2018. 4.0 will likely be the final Summer Release 2018. I consider removing registration again in the final 4.0 release.

3.9-beta5b (05 Nov 2017)

Since 4 Nov 2017, YaTQA is now officially tested on Windows 10. The device is a GPD Win.

3.9-beta5c (19 Nov 2017)

3.9-beta5c2 (08 Dec 2017)

3.9-beta5c3 (11 Dec 2017)

3.9-rc1 (21 Jan 2018)

It is recommended to use this version with servers updated to 3.1.0, even though the only additions that require it are a new permission and a new virtual server property.

3.9 (15 Feb 2018)

3.9b (18 Feb 2018)

3.9c (19 Feb 2018)

3.9d (01 Mar 2018)

3.9e (02 Mar 2018)

3.9.1-beta (15 Mar 2018, unofficial release, snapshots only)

3.9.2-beta (TBA)


There are plans from TeaSpeak to include SSL/TLS. Adding support for that requires me to purchase quite an expensive Delphi extension (upper three digits in euros) will make YaTQA around 80% bigger. I’m not sure if I want to do that solely for TeaSpeak. I might add preliminary support that requires OpenSSL until TeamSpeak maybe adds a similar feature. I plan to be able to make a decision here before the release of the 2018 Summer Release.

4.0 is set to change the design to a line-based design. I’m currently working on the design and evaluate the need for purchasing some of the required icons. Icon dimensions will increase by 20% (32 to 38 pixels). The default width will increase by 48 pixels. The font will change to Segoe UI (which is wider than Tahoma and therefore couldn’t be used before).

5.0 will change YaTQA to support high-DPI displays.

You can download development snapshots in German and sometimes English.

The German snapshot (without the suffix) is updated more frequently than the English one, because the original language of YaTQA is German and the translation is only created periodically. The date given on the linked website is the date the file was either compiled or updated (depending on the software I used for uploading it) in German time. Snapshots can sometimes be older than the current stable release. The last upload of each snapshot is also listed in the changelog.

Sometimes, snapshots are a bit bigger than the release versions because they contain some stuff that is useless for stand-alone applications and therefore removed before release (see here for technical details). I also remove the ugly default images as YaTQA uses its own ones, which are prettier.