YaTQA Changelog Archive

All dates in this document are in central european time (CEST or CET) and the notation used in these countries (dd.mm.yyyy).

Please do not use the versions that are marked as deprecated because of their bugs.

0.1 alpha (27.06.2011) [DEPRECATED]

All versions prior to rc2 are deprecated because they could crash – at least my – network driver when sending more than ~700 bytes. Don't ask me why, I have no idea.

0.2 alpha (03.07.2011) [DEPRECATED]

1.0.0 rc1 (28.07.2011) [DEPRECATED]

1.0.0 rc1b (02.08.2011) [DEPRECATED]

1.0.0 rc1c (05.08.2011) [DEPRECATED]

1.0.0 rc2 (12.08.2011)

1.0.0 final (09.10.2011)

no own version number, internally named 1.0.0 post-final (10.10.2011)

1.0.1 (24.10.2011)

From version 1.1.0 on, development has moved from a Windows-XP-x86-based laptop computer named ROT to a Windows-7-x64-based desktop computer called 3HUNDERT. That means that the main testing is now done with Windows 7, but because I'm only using default Delphi commands that are optimized for all versions of Windows, no major problems should occur.

1.1.0 (29.10.2011)

1.2.0 (06.11.2011)

1.2.1 (07.11.2011)

1.3.0 (14.11.2011)

Version 1.3.0 will probably be the last version for a long time.

1.3.1 (02.01.2012)

no own version number (03.01.2012)

1.3.2 (15.02.2012) [DEPRECATED]

1.3.2 and are deprecated for having a bug in the WYSIWYG editor's decoder that might show other text than expected. The encoder is not affected, so chat functions are still working. (21.02.2012) [DEPRECATED] (24.02.2012) (26.02.2012)

1.3.3 (04.03.2012) (05.03.2012)

no own version number, non-public testing only (05.03.2012) (18.03.2012)

This version was supposed to have a smaller changelog, but the release of the documentation took so long that I had time to deal with a lot minor fixes and improvements.

no own version number (18 Mar 2012)

no own version number, non-public testing only (19 Mar 2012) (12 Apr 2012) [POSSIBLY DEPRECATED]

Version will probably be the last version for a long time. (22 Apr 2012) [POSSIBLY DEPRECATED]

This is a hotfix release. Because there was no space in the installer for the “b” in, I had to add some features, though. (05 May 2012) [DEPRECATED]

This version is deprecated because the snapshot deployment does not work no matter which button you click. I'm not sure when this was introduced.

This version finishes the Wine mode, so the visible behavior of it is nearly perfect. Don't forget that it all still depends on several workarounds. The most important of them is still the one that disables the memory management in some places, so don't switch tabs again and again for hours. From this version on, the Wine Mode is detected automatically by checking for HKCU\Software\Wine. (04 Jul 2012)

This is a hotfix release.

no own version number (04 Jul 2012) [DEPRECATED]

This version is deprecated because its workaround UTF-8 decoder is not working as intended.

no own version number (04 Jul 2012) (31 Oct 2012)

no own version number (1 Nov 2012) (12 Dec 2012)

no own version number (12 Dec 2012) (14 Dec 2012) (02 Jan 2012)

no own version (07 Jan 2012) (27 Feb 2013)

No own version (28 Feb 2013)

No own version (01 Mar 2013) (10 Mar 2013) (13 Mar 2013)

no own version (28 Mar 2013)

no own version (31 Mar 2013)

no own version (13 May 2013 – unreleased) (15 May 2013) (02 Jun 2013)

no own version (unreleased)

no own version (unreleased)

1.4 (unreleased)

2.0-pre (07 Dec 2013) [SLIGHTLY DEPRECATED]

2.0-pre is slightly deprecated for having a relatively high number of bugs. None of them is really serious.

v2.0-pre2 (05 Feb 2014)

Version 2.0-pre2 will probably be the last version for a long time. I am working as a high school teacher for at least 5 weeks now and am writing exams, too. After that, I might be travelling again. Limitations to support will be announced separately.

YaTQA 2.0 (18 Apr 2014)

YaTQA Pro (formerly YaTQA 2) is planned to be a special version of YaTQA available to donators (which makes it pay-what-you-want software).

The idea of making a non-free version of YaTQA is pretty old. There will be one difference compared to the normal YaTQA (except for the unlimited number of virtual servers) which is the console feature. The console allows you to send your own commands and use passive mode (reading events). All other features included in this version will be available to to everyone.

YaTQA 2.0-final is to be released on April 10th, which is three years after the start of the project. Contrary to this announcement, YaTQA 2 was released 8 days later because I was in Spain and the hotel's Wifi was way too expensive. Looks like people wanted to make some money before roaming fees will be forbidden by the EU.

v2.0b (19 Apr 2014)

v2.0c (28 Apr 2014)

v3.0-rc1 (22 Jul 2014)

no own version (unreleased, 24 Jul 2014)

no own version (30 Jul 2014)

v3.0-rc2 (unreleased, 03 Aug 2014)

v3.0-rc2 (unreleased)

v3.0-gamma (06 Nov 2014, afternoon GMT, 1234 KiB)

This version (as well as 3.0-gamma2 to 3.0-gamma4) can only be used in 2014, because there were so many changes that I want you to download bug fixes. Because there was a feature that wasn’t yet implemented, I am planning to release a new version anyway, which should be very soon.

The English version of this release is deprecated because the translation data is corrupted.

no own version (06 Nov 2014, evening GMT, 1233 KiB)

v3.0-gamma2 (09 Nov 2014)

v3.0-gamma3 (19 Nov 2014, afternoon, 1,270,896 bytes)

v3.0-gamma3 (19 Nov 2014, evening, 1,270,894 bytes, English only)

v3.0-gamma4 (08 Dec 2014)

v3.0-gamma5 (29 Dec 2014)

This version can only be used in 2014 and January 2015, because there were so many changes that I want you to download bug fixes.

v3.0 (08 Jan 2015)

YaTQA 3.0 will most likely be the last version for a long time unless you have a good suggestion or TeamSpeak releases a notable update. Right now, everything from the wishlist was implemented.

no new version (12 Jan 2015, unreleased because TeamSpeak never uploaded this to the addons website)

no new version (24 Jan 2015, uploaded to addons website after midnight CET)

3.0b (15 Feb 2015, unreleased)

no own version (19 Feb 2015, RTM 21 Feb 2015, unreleased)

3.1 (22 Feb 2015, RTM 23 Feb 2015, unreleased)

no own version (04 Mar 2015, unreleased)

There is a chance that this version broke compatibility with some computers that were not meeting the minimum system requirements. If you have any comments to make about this, let me know.

no own version (05 Mar 2015, finally one that was released!)

3.1b (12 Mar 2015)

3.1c (17 Apr 2015, released on 26 Apr due to a delay at TeamSpeak’s end)

This version was supposed to be released on April 10th, celebrating the 4th anniversary of YaTQA’s development start. However, I was seriously ill on that day.

Summer Release 2015

This major release consists of versions 3.2 to 3.4c.

3.2 (10 Jun 2015, delayed to this date because of technical problems that I have no influence on)

Development on this version took very long because my testing server’s power supply failed and the ISP took over 12 days to fix that. I might be changing my server again (and maybe some more times) for connection stability reasons.

Because of the long outage (and because my ISP named me incorrect ETAs), most of the users of my TS server are now gone. I therefore have no people on my test environment that could help test bug fixes so I have external users doing the testing.

Additionally, my cloud storage service Cubby is down, preventing me from merging work from my laptop and computer, as well as uploading development snapshots. This is for some days now...

F*** the internet. Better three days without electricity than one day without internet.

3.3 (16 Jun 2015, unreleased)

3.4 (24 Jul 2015, unreleased)

3.4b (04 Aug 2015, only available from my website until August 10th, only accessible via IPv4 until August 11th)

This will most likely be the last version for a some months because of personal things and the lack of good feature requests.

3.4c (30 Aug 2015)

Winter Release 2016

This major release consists of versions after 3.4c, which includes 3.5-pre to 3.5.

3.5-pre (06 Dec 2015, unofficial release)

There won’t be a new official version before 2016 because I want to count the downloads of YaTQA 3.4b/c unless there’s something important, and I don’t have the time to release the finished version earlier.

Nonetheless, this is primarily a bugfix update. The most important new feature is the TeamSpeak Explorer that allows easy browsing in your TeamSpeak settings folder.

This version was released because TeamSpeak released a beta of server version 3.0.12.

3.5-pre2 (14 Dec 2015, unofficial release)

The program’s version is displayed as 3.5-pre in the program itself and the installer’s file name. However, the release date (14 Dec 2015) is correctly displayed.

3.5-pre3 (04 Jan 2016, unofficial release)

3.5-rc1 (25 Jan 2016, unofficial release, RTM 28 Jan 2016, released 29 Jan 2016)

3.5-rc2 (05 Feb 2016, unofficial release, “Fridolina B-Day Edition”)

3.5 (29 Feb 2016)

Because I do not want to include support for versions prior to 3.0.12 in this release, I am not releasing this until TeamSpeak has fixed the serios crash exploits in 3.0.12.

3.5b (05 Mar 2016)

This release fixes some non-serious bugs and was released to prevent some problems in advance. There is not really any point why one would want to download this release when YaTQA is running fine otherwise.

This will be the last version for some time unless someone comes up with good ideas.

Summer Release 2016 (Current Major Release)

This release consists of the 3.6 series.

3.6-pre (07 May 2016, unofficial release)

Development moved from my desktop computer (3HUNDERT) to my new laptop (CEPHYNF). However, both are running Windows 7 x64.

This is an unofficial release, because some new features got added and some internal performance changes affect large parts of the application.

3.6-pre2 (17 Jun 2016, unofficial release)

Note: YaTQA 3.6-pre2 and up will no longer officially support 3.0.12.x! This will not really make much of a difference anyway, but may confuse people using an older server version.

3.6-rc1 (19 Jun 2016, unofficial release)

3.6 (17 Aug 2016)

This version was released later than announced for these reasons:

  1. I’m looking for a proper (and cheap, meaning under 1 euro per month) IPv6-enabled host for more testing, because my current host doesn’t offer IPv6 but I want to stick with them for other reasons. I’m currently contacting some hosts for more info. Without this, I cannot make 100% sure that YaTQA’s behavior to file transfers bound on another IP (while competely bount to IPv6) is correct. Note: I have found a suitable host. Bills are paid for around 15 months now (because that’s what 13.37 euros lasted for).
  2. I’m not using 3.0.13-b2 (aka 3.0.13-final) yet because of many reports of stability issues. I therefore cannot make sure that YaTQA fully supports 3.0.13b2. I’m using 3.0.13b1 for both, production and testing.
  3. There seem to be more and more high-priority security issues that I want TeamSpeak to fix so I can update the server version adviser to a version with these issues fixed.
  4. TeamSpeak withdrew the release of the IPv6-enabled client version 3.0.20 because of many security issues. Without a proper IPv6 client, testing is not possible.


3.6.1 (30 Aug 2016)

Winter Release 2017 (Part I)

This major release consists of the 3.7 betas.

3.7-rc1 (19 Oct 2016, unofficial release)

3.7-rc2 (18 Dec 2016, unofficial release)

3.7-rc2b (31 Dec 2016, official release)

Despite being a release candidate, this is an official update. The time limit in 3.5 did not properly run out on August 31th, 2016, so these people must download a new version by January 1st, 2017. I want those people to upgrade to the 3.7 series because of the new IPv6-enabled DNS resolver and all the bug fixes that are included. I want to do some more DNS improvements for 3.7-final, though.

no own version (31 Dec 2016, official release)

Winter Release 2017 (Part II)

This major release consists of the 3.7 final releases until 3.7.2.

v3.7 (08 Feb 2017)

3.7.1 (14 Mar 2017, RTM on 15 Mar 2017)

3.7.2 (30 Apr 2017)

Summer Release 2017

3.7.3-beta (17 Jun 2017)

3.7.4-beta (10 Aug 2017)

Skipped 3.7.3-final because of beta client release today.

3.7.4-beta2 (11 Aug 2017)

Thanks to a fellow user, I could update the Blacklist2 API tunnel to support greylisting. This is a serverside change and needs no update. Please report running servers blacklisted on Blacklist2.

3.8-pre (14 Aug 2017)

3.8 (21 Aug 2017)

Autumn/Winter Release 2017/18

3.9-beta (23 Aug 2017)

3.9-beta2 (26 Aug 2017, unreleased)

This update likely broke SVG support in the Windows XP image selection windows. (Image format support is determined by the operating system on newer versions of Windows.)

3.9-beta2b (01 Sep 2017)

3.9-beta3 (10 Sep 2017)

If the beta2 series broke SVG support on Windows XP, this update fixed it.

3.9-beta3b (unreleased, 23 Sep 2017)

3.9-beta3c (30 Sep 2017)

3.9-beta4 (should have been released on 14 Oct 2017)

3.9-beta5 (17 Oct 2017)

YaTQA 3.9-rc will be released within a few hours/days after the release of the TeamSpeak server 3.1 beta. 3.9 final will come with the final server and will likely be the final Winter Release 2018. 4.0 will likely be the final Summer Release 2018. I consider removing registration again in the final 4.0 release.

3.9-beta5b (05 Nov 2017)

Since 4 Nov 2017, YaTQA is now officially tested on Windows 10. The device is a GPD Win.

3.9-beta5c (19 Nov 2017)

3.9-beta5c2 (08 Dec 2017)

3.9-beta5c3 (11 Dec 2017)

3.9-rc1 (21 Jan 2018)

It is recommended to use this version with servers updated to 3.1.0, even though the only additions that require it are a new permission and a new virtual server property.

3.9 (15 Feb 2018)

3.9b (18 Feb 2018)

3.9c (19 Feb 2018)

3.9d (01 Mar 2018)

3.9e (02 Mar 2018)